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Alternative Self


Stop thinking too much. I eat my flesh and stink of myself. I want to overdose with anger and forget my polite misery. Fuck the system. It doesn’t work. I miss just letting go. I want to let go. Give into me. Have sex with me. I’m so desperately pathetic. But only I know that. Whirling sparkles in my brain blind yours. I can obviously manipulate the hell our of you, I just don’t know how. I can’t even manipulate myself. Never could. Sometimes I need to. Just to get out of it all. When you’re choking life doesn’t wait for you to catch your breath. That sucks big time. That’s the only set back. You can escape death, but you can’t escape life. Nothing is really up to you, everything is a series of events, a repeat of a pattern. Even your own behaviour, your whole existance. You never really change so just stop running away. What scares you is always gonna come back.

Note to self: Use 2008 to resolve that.

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  1. Dokisisofi permalink
    01/01/2008 01:20

    Live to dream and dream to die

    Listening to whispers and grasping illusions
    seduced to live along with confusion
    becoming extinct in a world of abundance
    loosing control loosing the balance

    Dokisofi ( in her first post of her -dead already-blogg

    somebody plz shoot me

  2. 02/01/2008 12:13

    Stop thinking too much. Καλή χρονιά και νάσαι καλά

  3. 02/01/2008 23:00

    You can escape death?

    That’s interesting.

  4. 02/01/2008 23:04

    Heh, I love reading turn of the year posts. They are in a league of their own.

  5. 03/01/2008 02:29

    There are only two inevitabilities in life, death and the taxman. Life is merely a symptom solved with the advent of death. Maybe that is where you are going wrong.

  6. 03/01/2008 14:15

    Hello, from Athens this time!!!
    Την έβγαλες την εφημερία? Θα έπρεπε να τους είχες παρατήσει σύξυλους και να πήγαινες για χορό.
    Don’t think too much είναι η ευχή – κατάρα μιας ολόκληρης γενιάς. Θα πρόσθετα “just choose”. Τότε ίσως να την πατάμε και χειρότερα γιατί ισχύει ακράδαντα το ακόλουθο: “ο άνθρωπος από κάποια ηλικία και μετά κρίνεται από τις επιλογές του και όχι από τις δυνατότητές του”.

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